DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Less than a month after opening, the green Spring Street Bike Lane is in need of a second round of fixes. Bruce Gillman, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, which installed the lane, said that the deteriorated spots will eventually be repainted, but first the department will reevaluate the paints they are using and experiment with other types of paint to make sure the color adheres to the street.

The lane opened Nov. 21, but in a matter of days some of the paint on the 1.5-mile stretch between Cesar Chavez Avenue and Ninth Street had worn off. The DOT repainted the lane on Dec. 4, but last week portions of the path, including sections between Fifth and Sixth streets, had severely deteriorated. DOT officials initially said the erosion happened because the $50,000 paint job didn't get a chance to dry properly during a rainy period. Gillman said Downtown buildings may inadvertently be playing a role in the problem, since it's possible that not enough sunlight is available to properly dry the paint.

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No only is this a waste of money but you are contributing to the pollution of our waterways. Get it right!

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