Taylor Upsahl

Taylor Upsahl will release her full-length album “Lady Jesus” on Oct. 8, celebrating with a livestream performance at 9 p.m. from Pico Union Project.

Taylor Upsahl is living her best life. 

She lent her pen to a variety of future hits, like Dua Lipa’s Grammy Award-winning “Good in Bed” and “Happy Endings” with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Iann Dior, which went Top 10 at alt radio. 

In addition, Upsahl covered Dominic Fike’s “3 Nights” for Amazon’s “Original” series that’s featured on Amazon Music.

Now, she’s preparing to release her full-length debut album, “Lady Jesus,” on Oct. 8. She’s celebrating with a 9 p.m. livestream celebration from Pico Union Project. The all-encompassing evening will feature Upsahl and her three-piece band performing “Lady Jesus” in its entirety. Fans can tune into the livestream on her YouTube channel, https://bit.ly/


“We’re doing it at this old church,” she said. “The album is called ‘Lady Jesus,’ so it’s only right to throw an album release party in a church. 

“I thought there wasn’t a way for this to happen — having a bar in a church and put on a punk show. But Pico Union Project is a nonprofit. They do a lot for the Downtown community. It’s also a venue.”

Her latest single is “Lunatic,” a pop-driven anthem that channels her anger about an ex.

“I try to always write from personal experience,” she said. “The day we wrote ‘Lunatic,’ I saw something online. I didn’t want to see it. I almost canceled the session. I wanted to lie in bed and be angry at the world. 

“Instead, I stormed into the studio with tears running down my face. I said, ‘We’re writing a banger today. I want to scream in the vocal booth.’ We finished writing the song in an hour. My whole day was turned around. The day started with me crying in the car to the session. It’s the perfect example of how music or writing a song can fully turn the day around.”

The song is a reaction to seeing her ex, whom she did not identify, on social media. They broke up in the beginning of the quarantine. “Lady Jesus” travels with Upsahl on her journey from the breakup (“Douchebag”) to her personal rebirth (“Lady Jesus”). 

“‘Lunatic’ is very early on in the healing process for me,” she said.

The writing of “Lady Jesus” was cathartic to Upsahl, a Phoenix native who lives in LA. 

“I would have no other way to get my feelings out otherwise,” Upsahl said. “It’s very much autobiographical. Whatever I was going through I would write about in a song.

“I think I just got over being sad. It was way too long. ‘Lady Jesus’ was a clarity moment. It was such a therapeutic, vulnerable process.”