Doctor with stethoscope

Chinatown: 354; Little Tokyo: 175; Los Feliz: 500; Silverlake: 1,498; South Park: 3,758; Wilshire Center: 2,361;

Total confirmed cases in DTLA: 1,887

Total deaths in DTLA: 20

Total confirmed cases in LA County: 580,325

Total deaths in LA County: 8,664

The ICU capacity in the Southern California region has dropped to 0% as COVID-19 cases dramatically surge. The state is struggling to contain the virus, with 379 Californians dying in a single day, the highest number of fatalities since the beginning of the pandemic. According to Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 Daily Case Counts, if California were considered a country it would have the third-highest number of cases in the entire world. In Los Angeles County, on average, two people die every hour because of the virus.

When the novel coronavirus came to the United States in the spring, New York City became the epicenter of the pandemic. Now, in the most infected state in the country, the greater Los Angeles area is the worst-hit metro area in the United States. On December 17,  14,418 new confirmed cases were reported. To date, 580,325 people have been infected. According to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, the seven-day positivity rate is at an alarming 19.6%. According to the mayor,  if this trend were to continue, hospitals will be overrun with patients and unable to adequately care for many of them. 

Following the lead of Long Beach, the Los Angeles City Council is considering reinstituting the “hero pay” for grocery store employees. Long Beach passed a resolution providing grocery workers with an extra $4 an hour. The LA proposal would require stores with 300 or more employees to pay an additional $5 an hour for hazard pay. 


Information compiled by Matthew Rodriguez.