DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - What does the proposed Downtown Streetcar have to do with Chunk, Mouth, Data and the rest of the characters from The Goonies? Absolutely nothing, of course! That changes at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 20, when the folks from Los Angeles Streetcar Inc. will host an outdoor screening of the film at Grand Park.

In addition to showing the 1985 movie, LASI officials will provide information about the proposed $125 million, four-mile urban circulator. The League of Women Voters will be on hand to register people to vote.

The future of the streetcar will be decided via mail-in ballot by Downtown residents living within three blocks of the route, which would travel from First Street to South Park.

Ballots will be mailed in mid-November and must be returned by Dec. 3. Some have criticized the process because it excludes property owners who do not live in the area from voting, even though they will have to pay about $62.5 million over 30 years.

Update: A previous version of this story reported that ballots are due by Nov. 28. They are do Dec. 3, but voters are advised to mail their ballots by Nov. 28 so they are received by the Dec. 3 deadline.

The movie event will include Halloween-themed activities for kids, popcorn will be provided and food trucks will be on hand. More information at

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