Shop Hop: The Downtown Retail Roundup

Fitness Finds South Park: Given the number of gyms that have opened in Downtown in 2019, locals should be ridiculously in shape. Yet the trend continues, and the latest announced arrival is F45 Fitness, which is coming to the ground floor of the G12 apartment complex in South Park by the fall. It will be the second F45 Fitness in Downtown; an Arts District location opened in the One Santa Fe building in the spring. The gym is built around group high-intensity interval training classes that last 45 minutes (hence the name), and the chain claims each class can burn up to 750 calories. Membership is offered in monthly and class packages.

Coming to 1200 S. Grand Ave., (310) 776-5214 or

Downtown Expansion: A recent addition to Downtown Los Angeles is more than doubling down on the area. The operators of the Vielmetter Gallery announced this month that they will expand their current 11,000-square-foot Arts District space to a total of 24,000 square feet. The gallery opened in late 2018. The Vielmetter Gallery’s original location in Culver City closed this month, and the management is adding two new exhibition rooms in the former tire factory building it occupies in Downtown. The new additions will start hosting exhibitions in September.

At 1700 S. Santa Fe Ave. or

More Art: There’s another new spot in Downtown’s bustling gallery scene. Artist and abstract painter Clara Berta is relocating her studio to Main Street in the Fashion District. The new BertaArt Studio Gallery is on the ground floor. Expect to see a collection of Berta’s paintings, particularly larger-scale pieces that can be displayed in the bigger location. The 1,500-square-foot space will have a grand opening on Sept. 14, and the gallery will be a part of the monthly Downtown Art Walk.

At 816 S. Main St. or

Varsity Blues and Clothes: It’s summer, and soon a number of families will send their kids off to college. Little Tokyo now has a store to help deck them out in their school’s colors. Clayson debuted last month on Second Street and specializes in university and military academy-branded apparel, with shirts, sweater, hats, scarves and more. T-shirts start around $29 and hoodies are $49 and up. There’s gear from numerous schools including UCLA, Columbia, Yale, Harvard and Johns Hopkins. That said, there is no USC apparel. Clayson is open Tuesday-Sunday.

At 336 E. Second St., (213) 232-0138 or

That Pop-Up Life, With Animals: Downtown Los Angeles loves pets. Downtown also loves Instagram friendly pop-ups. Now, those two have been mashed together (Downtown also likes mash-ups), as PetPOP opened on July 11 in an Arts District space on Seventh Street next to Guerilla Tacos. The space, which housed past pop-ups including the Museum of Ice Cream, offers a series of Instagram-oriented pet-themed installations, among them a room with a giant hamster wheel and another patterned after the film 101 Dalmatians (this is your moment, Cruella De Vil wannabes). There is also an “adoption alley” where people can play with puppies and kittens. Proceeds partially benefit adoption agencies. PetPop runs through Sept. 30 and tickets are $34.

At 2020 E. Seventh St. or

Another Literal Shop Hop: The last year has seen a wave of pet-focused boutiques arrive all over Downtown. Pet Project L.A. beat the trend, and has long been serving local canines and cats at 548 S. Spring St. in the Historic Core. Last month the store called it quits at that location, but didn’t move far. A new store recently opened just up the block. It carries a variety of cat and dog food, pet vitamins, outfits for pets (for those who feel animals need clothes), and grooming and cleaning tools. They also have shirts, stickers and tote bags for humans.

At 528 S. Spring St. or

Mental Clarity: There’s a new space in City West dedicated to mental health. Therapy Lab opened on Wilshire Boulevard in June. It comes from Dr. Chandler Chang, a psychologist and USC adjunct faculty member. Therapy Lab is built around timed therapy sessions, with customers able to choose programs and the number of sessions they feel is best. Prices vary per plan. In addition to the sessions with doctors, Therapy Lab offers virtual reality tools, and has a meditation room.

At 1127 Wilshire Blvd. or

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