Show Us Your Loft

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Downtown Los Angeles is full of people with a strong sense of design, individuals, couples or families who believe they have one of the nicest homes around.

Now, it’s time for those folks to put their condominium or apartment where their mouth is. Los Angeles Downtown News is looking for Central City homes — don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a traditional loft; we just want a nice place — to feature in our upcoming “What’s in My Loft?” section. The residences, which will be showcased in the March 18 issue, will be photographed by Gary Leonard, and a reporter will stop by to discuss design philosophy and a few of the occupants’ most treasured possessions. The stories include pictures of the inhabitants. So if you have the place and the place has the look, and you’re ready to share it all with Downtown, then email a short description and photo to Dawn Eastin at

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