Metro Weighs Possible Service Reductions for Downtown Rail Lines

Pico Station, which services the Blue and Expo lines.

Last week, the Los Angeles City Council approved recommendations for new signaling along street-level portions of the E Line (formerly known as the Expo Line). Last fall, the City Council approved looking into ways to reduce delays caused by trains being held up at red lights along the route, which runs from Seventh Street/Metro Center to Santa Monica.

The goal is to update signals to prioritize rail travel to achieve 90% reliability in projected travel time, according to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Signal testing at the Normandie stop on the route reduced delays on average from 27 seconds to 17 seconds, per LADOT’s findings.

LADOT has 60 days to report back on how the changes are being implemented. The line travels on street level into Downtown, at the Los Angeles Trade Tech College and Pico Boulevard stations.