DTLA - The future of transportation, in Downtown Los Angeles and beyond, will get a big airing this week.

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That’s because ULI Los Angeles and VerdeXchange are hosting the “FutureBuild 2018” event. Panel discussions include topics such as “Transit Hubs Face the Future” — Downtown’s Union Station is on the agenda — and “The Robo-Cars Are Coming.” Another discussion centers on Los Angeles’ transit preparations for the 2028 Olympics. The annual happening looks at the environmental, technological and development innovations cities need to thrive, in the context of actions happening in Washington, D.C. “Despite the rolling back of America’s climate change commitments on the federal level, California’s thought leaders are taking control of our own destiny,” said Sara Neff, co-chair of the event. FutureBuild 2018 runs from 7:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at the L.A. Downtown Hotel (333 S. Figueroa St.) on Tuesday, Jan. 30. The full VerdeXchange, which addresses topics such as water, mobility, cleantech and finance, is Jan. 28-30. Tickets and information are at la.uli.org and verdexchange.org.

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