Rahim Amidi’s

Rahim Amidi’s global incubator, Plug and Play, will be located at the 1027 expansion and will have 100 units for office space. 

TENTEN Wilshire, a luxury residential apartment building in Downtown LA, unveiled its $200 million housing expansion to the current 1010 Wilshire, furthering its “live, work, play” model.

The apartments at 1027 Wilshire, which sit across the street, boast an additional 376 luxury living/workspaces and amenities for residents, including the country’s largest 88,000-square-foot rooftop with a pool, dog park and gym. 

“First off, the need is there,” said Rahim Amidi, CEO and developer of TENTEN Wilshire, about the expansion. “There are a lot of young people who are moving to Downtown LA, and they are professionals in technology, entertainment or other industries. We are the only place that can provide the amenities that these professionals need.”

Amidi said TENTEN Wilshire and 1027 Wilshire is attractive to professionals and entrepreneurs. 

“We attract a lot of people who have their own independent business, and they like to combine their day-to-day and work/life together,” he said. “We also attract a lot of younger people who like to be exposed to the people in the technology or entertainment industry who want to be a part of our community.” 

The new building is a former parking structure that was demolished and is now a 10-story mixed-use building.

The “live, work, play” model inspired TENTEN Wilshire. The amenities and offerings of TENTEN include private offices that residents can apply for, a restaurant and bar on the ground level, along with a coffee shop and spa. Both properties, 1010 and 1027 Wilshire, have large conference and meeting rooms, theater screening rooms and, prior to the pandemic, community networking events. 

“The pandemic showed people that you can live and work in the same place,” Amidi said. “You can save a couple of hours a day and you can be more efficient by combining your living situation and work situation.”

Amidi said one of his goals is to create a community. 

“In an apartment building or office building, you won’t know any of your neighbors,” he explained. “With TENTEN, it’s about how soon you get to know people in the community.

“Because they come from a similar background, most of our residents are professional people. Immediately you will feel like you fit in. You are immediately meeting people like yourself, and that’s the idea.”

At TENTEN, the units are furnished, Amidi said.

“This means that when you move in, everything that you need is already included. You walk in with your suitcase, and immediately you live comfortably and work comfortably,” Amidi explained. 

Existing and potential residents do not have to worry about finding or connecting internet, cable or other utilities. The properties also have 24-hour security and concierge services, and residents only receive one monthly bill.

A grand opening ceremony will be scheduled for 1027 Wilshire’s rooftop.

“We postponed the grand opening to make sure people were comfortable, but pretty soon we will have one and invite people to visit and get a look at the 1027 Wilshire rooftop.

“The more that this type of community (of working professionals) grows, the more that residents might make connections and benefit from TENTEN. … People should come visit, get a tour and join us in some of our networking events.”

Amidi said there are plans for other locations that will follow the model as the 1010 Wilshire location. 

A second location for a TENTEN building in Glendale is under construction. It could house 220 residents and will be ready in two years. While that is in development, Amidi said he’s acquiring space in Hollywood.