The Central City Crime Report

In the Central City Crime Report, we survey the recent week in public safety. All information is provided by the LAPD’s Central Division.

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■ On the morning of May 27, an unidentified individual visited an acquaintance on Stanford Avenue to apologize for a previous slight. The resident refused to hear the apology, so the person left, taking the inhabitant’s wallet.

■ Someone smashed the window of a car parked at Ninth and Flower streets on the night of May 28. Prescription medication and other unspecified items were taken.

■ At mid-day on May 27, someone lent a phone to an unidentified individual at Seventh and Crocker streets so the latter figure could listen to music. The would-be music listener instead took the phone and ran.

■ A Metro bus was idling at Fifth and San Pedro streets on the morning of May 29 when someone grabbed a bicycle from the front rack. The thief then rode away on the bike.

■ An unidentified individual armed with a metal pipe approached a pedestrian at Fifth and San Pedro streets at 3 a.m. on May 28. The person swung at the pedestrian’s head, but the blow was blocked.

■ On the evening of May 28, a man went to the bathroom in his home on Sixth Street. While he was occupied, an unidentified individual opened the apartment’s unlocked front door and took the man’s phone and tablet.

■ An unidentified individual grabbed someone’s property in Pershing Square on the morning on May 28 and tried to flee. The victim grabbed the thief, who punched back. Eventually the thief dropped the items and fled.

■ A woman was riding the Expo Line in Downtown on May 31 when someone tried to snatch her cell phone. The two struggled, but it was eventually taken and the thief ran off.

■ A woman was on her phone while walking down San Pedro Street on May 31 when someone rode by on a bicycle, snatched the phone and pedaled away.