The Central City Crime Report

In the Central City Crime Report, we survey a recent week in public safety. All information is provided by the LAPD’s Central Division.

* On June 9, someone broke into a Toyota Corolla parked on Vignes Street. A rear window was smashed and a bag and computer equipment were taken.

* Around 2 a.m. on June 9, two people got into a fight on Fifth Street. One person stabbed the other in the hand with scissors.

* A person was standing on Wall Street at mid-day on June 9 when another individual approached, said, “That’s my chain,” and yanked a necklace off the victim.

* On the afternoon of June 9, someone checked out a laptop from the Central Library and never returned it.

* A man was sleeping in a Skid Row park. When he woke up on the morning of June 10, his medication was missing.

* The owner of a Chevy truck parked in a Fifth Street garage returned to the vehicle on the morning of June 10 to find that the door had been pried open. The truck had been ransacked but nothing was missing.

* Two people on bicycles approached a pedestrian at Broadway and Cesar Chavez Avenue at around 2:30 a.m. on June 11. One brandished a knife and the other hit the victim from behind. They stole the person’s watch and phone.

* A man was moving his property from a friend’s apartment on San Pedro Street on June 12. While he went to get more things, someone stole the items he left in the lobby.

* Late on June 12, an individual was trespassing on a property on Industrial Street. When asked to leave, the person grabbed a knife and made stabbing motions.

* Shortly after 7 p.m. on June 12, an unidentified individual walking on Broadway pulled out a knife and demanded a pedestrian’s belongings. The person handed over some unspecified musical equipment.

* Late on June 13, someone with a screwdriver in each hand tried to stab another person in a gas station. There were no injuries.