The Central City Crime Report

In the Central City Crime Report, we survey a recent week in public safety. All information is provided by the LAPD’s Central Division.

* Shortly after midnight on May 12, someone stole a Mercedes Benz that was parked at Seventh and Main streets.

* A couple was arguing on Commercial Street at 5:30 a.m. on May 12. A man threatened to take a woman’s bike and phone. When she protested, he threw her to the ground.

* A security guard asked someone to move from a Grand Avenue park on the morning of May 12. The person pepper sprayed the guard in the face, then ran away.

* An unidentified individual brought bolt cutters into a Seventh Street gym locker room at night on May 12, snapped open a lock, and took clothes and other items from a locker.

* Shortly after 10 p.m. on May 12, two people pulled out guns and chased a person in a car in an underground parking garage on Venice Boulevard.

* Two people were arguing in a Fifth Street mission on the morning of May 13. One hit the other with a cane, then fled.

* A man was biking west on Eighth Street on the afternoon of May 13. An unidentified individual came out of an alley near Spring Street, hit the cyclist twice, then took his bike.

* Around 9 a.m. on May 14, two people at Sixth Street and Maple Avenue began arguing. They both pulled out knives and stabbed each other. They were both taken to the hospital.

* An unidentified individual entered a Broadway jewelry store on May 14 and asked to see a necklace on display. The person then took the necklace and ran off.

* Someone broke into a Toyota parked in South Park at mid-day on May 15. A laptop and other belongings were taken.

* Someone left a bag in the front lobby of the LAPD’s Central Division station on Sixth Street on May 16. When the person returned from the front counter, the bag was gone.