The Central City Crime Report

In the Central City Crime Report, we survey the recent week in public safety. All information is provided by the LAPD’s Central Division.

Unlucky Strike: What could possibly go wrong at a trendy upscale bowling alley? Add alcohol and some over-competitive testosterone, and the answer is, a lot. On the night of Dec. 8, a man had what police termed a “verbal altercation” with five other men at Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge at L.A. Live. When the man left the bowling alley, he was attacked by the quintet and was thrown to the ground, punched and kicked. As security arrived, the suspects fled. Though the attack was caught on L.A. Live’s security cameras, the attackers have not been identified.

Fake Fight: Two men browsing inside California Mirage Jewelry at 310 E. 11th St. on Dec. 5 suddenly got into a fight. The tussle frightened onlookers, who cleared out of the shop, which is exactly what the combatants wanted. Turns out, the tiff was a ruse to distract shopkeepers. The faux fighters managed to snatch $5,000 worth of jewelry and flee, but they were chased down by area business improvement district officers. All of the merchandise was recovered and the men were arrested.

Lucky Biker: On Dec. 2, a man’s $900 Langster track bike was stolen after it had been left unattended and unlocked near 110 E. Ninth St. But a few days later, the victim saw his bike, only it was being ridden by a stranger. Authorities ID’d the suspect as the individual caught on surveillance footage taking the bike, which was recovered by the victim. Meanwhile, three more bikes were stolen last week, one of which had been unlocked.

What’d You Say About My Hair?: Word to the wise: Don’t judge another man’s hair, especially when that man is drinking at the King Eddy Saloon. On Dec. 8 at about 7:50 p.m., two men got into an argument that led to one making fun of the other’s hair. The gent who was teased responded by sticking a loaded Beretta into the heckler’s ribs. An eagle-eyed bartender observed the incident and snagged the handgun from the suspect, who then ran to his apartment across the street at the Baltimore Hotel, according to police. Responding officers arrested the suspect in his apartment without incident. He was booked for attack with a deadly weapon. What a hangover.

—Ryan Vaillancourt

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