Memorial Day '19

Benedict Donald


Vladimir Putin’s psychotic servant, Benedict Donald, is not only the worst “president” in American history, traitor Trump is so demented he actually claims the assassinated Abraham Lincoln had it easy compared to the delusional Donald Trump.

As embarrassingly low as deranged Donald’s IQ is, even a mindless person like Trump knows honest Abe Lincoln would definitely be a Democrat today were Lincoln still alive. (Lincoln was from Illinois, after all.)

“Vote Blue no matter who,” says honest Abe, who would have been shocked at the sad sight of racist, right-wing Republican Party terrorist troglodytes flying Confederate flags in Michigan while illegally threatening elected officials with assault weapons.

And speaking of elected Democrats under assault, several prominent Democratic politicians were recently subjected to multiple failed assassination attempts by an insane Trump fanatic from Florida whose mail bombs failed as completely as traitor Trump’s pathological presidency has failed. 

Joe Biden for president, folks. 


Jake Pickering