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Diseases don’t respect borders


Republicans have blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for showcasing her expensive double stainless-steel refrigerators and gourmet ice creams in her opulent St. Helena, California, home, but I have no problem with that. 

What I do have a problem with is this: By not voting on more money for small business, she has essentially signed the death papers for many small business owners who simply cannot afford the prolonged closure of their businesses. Wake up, madam speaker, and do your job. 

David Tulanian


Cut the clichés


Now that we are entering our third month of COVID lockdown, it might be time to abandon two clichés. From politicians to advertisers, we keep hearing “We are all in this together” and “We all want to get back to business.” But are we all in this together? I find it hard to compare the economic and social distress of median-income renters with the comfort of multimillionaire condo owners. 

As to the broad-stroke assumption that everyone wants all aspects of the society reopened, there are plenty of online postings and articles that suggest the opposite. Some retirees, internet trolls and economic elites say that the current economic and social arrangement is actually just the new normal. I have even read a few well-intended folks who think this COVID tragedy is a cathartic shock that is restoring the Earth and human culture to spiritual health and harmony. 

I would agree that everyone is mourning the death of thousands and all except a few benighted souls understand the discomforts of this dangerous time. However, we are not all sharing the same burdens. In addition, some people actually seem to like the new quieter, and more sober, Downtown LA. As we move forward, perhaps it would be better if we all relied more on science, clear reasoning and practical policies and a little less on feel-good clichés. 

Oliver Cutshaw