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Advocate for immigrants



What comes to mind when you see a street vendor on the corner of the street? Do you ignore them? Just act like they don’t exist when they approach you? Do you ever take a moment just to realize how far most of these street vendors have come and what they have been through just to survive? Most street vendors are immigrants from Central America who come to the states because it is their only option, but who cares? 

In the United States, immigrants have been blamed for being a significant threat to American citizens’ safety. Immigrants have been the backbone of this country, but that has been seen through the lens of immigrants limited to being field workers, street vendors, janitors or any low-income job that deals with harsh labor. They are not seen in higher positions such as CEOs or being a part of the 1%. They are viewed down upon within this country. Still, as a society, we never bring enough awareness to the harsh reality of why immigrants, specifically from Central America, come to the United States. Many would say the “American dream,” better opportunities or even a better life, but the reality is this they come because most don’t have any other option.

Immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras come to escape extreme global poverty, gang violence or natural disasters. There is an influx of immigrants making the life-threatening journey to the United States and Mexico border in seeking something unknown to them. Now, it needs to be brought to our attention the safety of immigrants making this journey and security to the United States border. Currently, bill H.R. 2615, United States-Northern Triangle Enhanced Engagement Act, has been presented to the Senate. I’m urging California Sen. Dianne Feinstein to be a co-sponsor of this bill. It will bring representation to immigrants and American citizens to establish opportunities to give aid to Central Americas to improve living situations for Salvadorians, Guatemalans and Hondurans to thrive in their countries. It will decrease problems that deal with the United States’ border security but also lower the number of immigrants making life-threatening journeys to America. Please advocate for immigrants by calling and emailing Congress to mobilize action for progression!


Sebastian Chavez