Sorry we are closed sign hang on door of business shop.


Here we go again, unfortunately. Now that the COVID-19 restrictions on bars and restaurants have been reinstituted, it feels as though we have entered a time warp. Suddenly we are back to mid-April. No place to go, no place to eat—a life filled with few options and few opportunities. How did the virus reenergize in California and the rest of the Sun Belt?

One annoying aspect of this COVID-19 crisis has been how one section of the country has been almost mocking the problems of another region or state. When the cases mounted in New York and New Jersey pundits in Florida and Texas largely scoffed at the crisis. Now that Texas and Florida are hit hard, East Coast critics have taken an “I-told-you-so” attitude. This lack of national purpose, this inability to grasp the full measure of the hospitalizations and death toll, has contributed to our national and regional failure. Sometimes it seems we are engaging in a competition of which state or county can have the lowest death rate. Our country is besieged by this epidemic. The contagion spreads easily from one state or county to another, just as it spreads easily from one person to another. Perhaps if we stopped the blame game for a few months we might curb the reoccurrences of this virus and in addition ease the unproductive national name calling. After the virus has eased, there will be plenty of time to get back to politics as usual.

Oliver Cutshaw