Even in the midst of the pandemic, it’s still a challenge to argue that Los Angeles has a deficit in access to any particular international genre or style of cuisine. Name it, find it. 

Getting into the restaurant business is a notoriously volatile prospect. Fickle customers and rising real estate and wage costs continuously fuel the high turnover rates of eateries in culinary hubs like Los Angeles. With nearly 30,000 restaurants around the city, the scene never eases up on…

Downtown will soon be home to another food hall, but this one prioritizes giving first-generation business owners a space to try their concept in a hip open-air environment instead of pop-up stands. 

Fans can get a taste of the ballpark experience delivered on demand by ordering from Home Plates, which will bring Dodger Dogs and stadium favorites directly to Los Angeles-area fans’ doorsteps through Postmates.

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As fears related to the spread of the coronavirus worsens, the Los Angeles Times is cancelling two of its most popular events. The newspaper announced on Tuesday, March 10 that it was postponing both its Food Bowl and the Festival of Books. The Festival of Books, which is typically held on t…

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South Park's craft beer hub Mikkeller has abruptly closed. On Monday, Feb. 24, staff were informed that the restaurant and bar was ceasing operations that day. It remains unclear why the bar closed.