Howlin' Ray's Building Out Chinatown Restaurant

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Howlin' Ray's Building Out Chinatown Restaurant

Hot chicken could simply be described as fried chicken with a spicy coating of sticky sauce, but devotees of the iconic Nashville dish view it as something transcendent.

Chef Johnny Zone discovered it for himself while cooking at a Tennessee restaurant, and he’s since been spreading the gospel of hot chicken through L.A. with his Howlin’ Ray’s pop-up and food truck, which he runs with wife Amanda Chapman.

Now Howlin’ Ray’s is settling into a brick-and-mortar location, with plans to open in Chinatown’s resurgent Far East Plaza in February.

The menu will likely remain streamlined, with two main options: chicken (with a choice of six heat levels) served on a plate with white bread and pickles, or in sandwich form.

Howlin’ Ray’s also offers signature sides such as mustardy potato salad and collard greens.

Coming to 727 N. Broadway.