DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES –There’s nothing soft to cushion the fall for chic restaurant Blue Velvet, which bit the dust Sept. 16 and vacated its space at the apartment complex The Flat in Westlake yesterday.

“It’s gone and we are looking for another restaurant that’s conducive to our tenants,” said Chris Salayko, regional property manager of The Flat. Salayko said many of the building’s tenants are young people and students.

The four-year-old restaurant served Asian-fusion and American cuisine and featured a bar and lounge area. However, it wasn’t too popular with some of the building’s residents, who took to the Web to complain about Blue Velvet’s noise and late-night clientele.

Blue Velvet’s original chef was Kris Morningstar, who left in February 2008 and now works at District in Hollywood. The menu changed shortly after his departure, and the restaurant apparently never got back on course.

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