Erica Jenkins-Chavez

Erica Jenkins-Chavez was chosen to arrange the tea program for the Wayfarer.

Lilly Rose is turning creepy for Halloween with its first Spooky Tea throughout October.

The Wayfarer Downtown LA will serve witches tea, deathly morsels, devilish delights and ghoulish cocktails. Costumes are welcome.

Erica Jenkins-Chavez was chosen to arrange the tea program for the Wayfarer.

“I had some familiarity with what we had been doing with tea,” said Jenkins-Chavez, the corporate food and beverage director for Pacifica Hotels, the parent company of The Wayfarer.

“Lilly Rose is so crazy, quirky and unique. You can’t just do a regular tea. I felt I had to do something different.”

Previously, the hotel hosted an “Alice in Wonderland”-themed tea and received a great response, she said. 

“I thought we had to do something for Halloween,” Jenkins-Chavez said. “We want to do things again, hang out with our friends, talk and engage. We’ve all been on Zoom meetings. We need that real person sitting across from you. I thought, we have to do something crazy.”

The Spooky Tea menu includes poached quince and cream; seasonal petit fours; macarons; mini desserts; curried chicken salad; blue cheese, pear and walnut on charcoal bread; lobster roll; roasted mushroom and thyme; and pumpkin bread and prosciutto and fig. The teas are salted butter caramel oolong tea or citrus rooibos tea (herbal) for $60. 

For tea cocktails, it’s an additional $17, with a choice of caramel oolong tea infused with Maker’s Mark old fashioned, or goût Russe tea infused with Courvoisier Russian sidecar.

Treats are an extra $6 — warm apple cider with Mexican cinnamon and whipped cream.

“We have a really good tea partner, Dammann,” she said. “They have so many different teas I’ve never heard of. They did a class for me so I could learn about the different teas. 

“I used to be a pastry chef, too. I’m up for doing anything so I can learn. I deep dive and want to learn everything about it. Once I learn about it, my thing is to surprise and delight.”


First Spooky Tea

WHEN: 2 to 5 p.m. Thursdays to Sundays during October

WHERE: The Wayfarer Downtown LA, Lilly Rose, 813 Flower Street, Los Angeles

COST: Starts at $60

INFO: Reservations are required 24 hours in advance at