Manufactory Finally Opens at Row DTLA

A major tentpole of the San Francisco-based Tartine baking and restaurant brand has officially shuttered its doors, just 10 days before Christmas.

After two years of intense construction, followed by 11 months of sluggish sales, The Manufactory, one of Downtown’s more ambitious — and expensive — culinary projects has ceased restaurant operations, in a stunning turn of events for Downtown’s culinary scene.

Located at the sprawling 30-acre Row DTLA complex, The Manufactory officially ended all restaurant and marketplace operations last week, opting to stop service at the 40,000-square-foot development’s marketplace, coffee roastery, outdoor pickup window and Alameda Supper Club. Wholesale baking in the complex’s public-facing bakery will remain in operation.

Writer Ann Marie Montoya, who compared the move to a Charles Dickens novel, first reported the news in a Dec. 16 tweet.

The Manufactory was first announced in 2016, intended to be a flagship for Atlas Capital’s large-scale retail and office complex the Row, but has been hampered by poor foot traffic.

Unable to be reached for comment, Manufactory co-founder Chad Robertson told the Los Angeles Times that he had “agonized over the decision for months” before deciding to pull the plug.

"We are extremely grateful to the Los Angeles community for their patronage and support this past year, and especially to our many team members whose help and hard work contributed to making The Manufactory what it was,” Robertson said in a prepared statement.

The decision to shutter the bulk of the operation was the end of a slope of hiccups for The Manufactory team.

In November, The Manufactory shuttered its flagship restaurant Tartine, announcing that chef Chris Bianco, a partner in the project, was seeking to replace it with the first Los Angeles version of his famed Arizona-based Pizzeria Bianco.

It remains unclear if the plan to move Pizzeria Bianco into the shuttered space is still intact, but clarified that he still intends to bring the brand to the Row.

The Manufactory is likely to book end a list of noteworthy restaurant closures in Downtown Los Angeles in 2019. Over the course of the year, longtime favorites like the landmark Café Pinot and Traxx at Union Station closed, as well as newer, highly touted additions like Rice Bar, Simone, Chego, PYT and the Arts District’s Church and State. The later, reopened under new ownership more than a month after closing.

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