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Rack Locations

Location AddressDistrictsZip CodeBldg/Comp
640 S., Virgil AveWilshire Center, CA90005United Central Bank
640 S., Virgil AveWilshire Center, CA90005United Central Bank
640 S. Virgil AveWilshire Center CA90005United Central Bank
660 S. Normandie Ave.Wilshire Center CA90005JerryÕs Boutique
645 S. AlexandriaWilshire Center CA90005Equitable Plaza
655 S. Kingsley Dr.Wilshire Center CA90005Korean BBQ
650 S. Hobart Blvd.Wilshire Center CA90005Wilshire Art Gallery
665 S. OxfordWilshire Center CA90005DennyÕs Restaurant
645 S. Oxford Ave.Wilshire Center CA90005CVS Pharmacy
3600 W. 6th StreetWilshire Center CA90005Normandie Wilshire Hotel
659 S. CatalinaWilshire Center CA90005Wilshire and Catalina
645 S. VermontWilshire Center CA90005DennyÕs Restaurant
650 S. New HampshireWilshire Center CA90005Consulate General of Korea
600 W. 30th St.USC CA90007Yoshinoya
701 W. 28th St.USC CA90007Del Taco
3415 S. FigueroaUSC CA90007USC / Davidson Conference Center
899 W. Jefferson BlvdUSC CA90007Bank of America
950 W. Jefferson Blvd.USC CA90007USC / Gate #5
655 S. MariposaWilshire Center CA90010Numero Uno Pizza
3035 Wilshire Blvd.Wilshire Center CA90010Bank of America
3075 Wilshire BlvdWilshire Center CA90010County of LA Building
3601 Wilshire Blvd.Wilshire Center CA90010Public Parking
3775 Wilshire Blvd.Wilshire Center CA90010Metro Exit
3855 Wilshire Blvd.Wilshire Center CA900101 Block West of Western
650 S. Vermont Ave.Wilshire Center CA90010Metro Exit
101 S. Hope St.Bunker Hill CA90012Promenade Plaza
501 W. First St.Civic Center CA90012County Courthouse
111 N. Hope St.Civic Center CA90012John Ferraro Bldg. / DWP
110 N. Grand AveCivic Center CA90012L.A. County Court House Exit
227 N. BroadwayCivic Center CA90012Hall of Records
111 N. Hill St.Civic Center CA90012County Courthouse Exit
300 N. Main St.Civic Center CA90012LA Mall Area
300 N. Los Angeles St.Civic Center CA90012Federal Bldg.
230 N. Los Angeles St.Civic Center CA90012Metro Detention Center
227 E. Temple St.Civic Center CA90012Federal Bldg. (corner)
255 E. Temple St.Civic Center CA90012Roybal Bldg.
400 E. Second St.Little Tokyo CA90012Second Street Cafe
200 S. San PedroLittle Tokyo CA90012Manufactures Bank
201 S. San PedroLittle Tokyo CA90012Allright Parking
332 E. Second St.Little Tokyo CA90012Pink Berry
360 E. Second St.Little Tokyo CA90012Brunswig Square
455 E. Third St.Little Tokyo CA90012Little Tokyo Tower
201 E. Second St.Little Tokyo CA90012Kyoto Grand Hotel & Garden
145 S. Spring St.Historic Core CA90012L.A. Times Building
206 S. Spring St.Historic Core CA90012Metropolitan News Enterprise
230 W. Second St.Historic Core CA90012Parking Lot / L.A. Times
250 S. Grand Ave.Bunker Hill CA90012MOCA Museum / Geffen
942 N. BroadwayChinatown CA90012Broadway Village East West Bank
727 N. BroadwayChinatown CA90012Kim Chuy Restaurant
818 N. BroadwayChinatown CA90012Chinatown Plaza
728 N. Hill StChinatown CA90012Far East Plaza
950 N. Hill St.Chinatown CA90012Hong Kong Restaurant
988 N. Hill St.Chinatown CA90012Bamboo Plaza
611 N. BroadwayChinatown CA90012Parking Lot #401
355 N. Los Angeles St.Civic Center CA90012L.A. St Ð Entrance to LA Mall
220 N. BroadwayCivic Center CA90012Criminal Courts Exit
200 S. Grand Ave.Bunker Hill CA90012Colburn Art School
210 W. Temple St.Civic Center CA90012Criminal Courts Main Exit
401 W. First St.Civic Center CA90012Bus Stop
601 W. First St.Civic Center CA90012Music Center/Dorothy Chandler
121 W. Temple St.Civic Center CA90012US Courthouse
101 S. San Pedro St.Little Tokyo CA90012California Bank
140 N. Judge John Aiso St.Civic Center CA90012LAPD - Parking Lot 7
316 E. First St.Little Tokyo CA90012Mitsuru Sushi & Grill
358 E. First St.Little Tokyo CA90012Japanese Village Plaza
980 N. BroadwayChinatown CA90012LFT Furniture
445 W. Alpine St.Chinatown CA90012Citibank
767 N. Hill St.Chinatown CA90012Alpine Town
789 N. BroadwayChinatown CA90012Cathy Bank
227 N. Los Angeles St.Civic Center CA90012L.A. Mall
200 N. Main StreetCivic Center CA90012City Hall East
222 S. Central Ave.Little Tokyo CA90012Tokyo Villa
123 S. Figueroa St.Civic Center CA90012Promenade Towers
234 S. Figueroa St.Bunker Hill CA90012Bunker Hill Tower (south)
101 S. Hill St.Civic Center CA90012Metro Red Line Exit
300 W. First St.Civic Center CA90012State Building - Vacant lot
101 S. BroadwayCivic Center CA90012Vacant lot - Former State Bldg.
215 W. First St.Civic Center CA90012Empty lot - Law Library
200 W. First StCivic Center CA90012LA Times
101 E. First St.Civic Center CA90012LAPD Headquarters
223 S. Hill St.Bunker Hill CA90012Wells Fargo Center
1880 Academy DriveChinatown CA90012Police Revolver Cafe
222 N. Hill St.Civic Center CA90012Metro Exit M.B.
138 S. Central Ave.Little Tokyo CA90012Starbucks
257 S. Spring St.Historic Core CA90012Douglas Building
330 S. Spring StHistoric Core CA90012Ronald Reagan Building
716 W. First StreetBunker Hill CA90012Promenade Plaza
800 N. Alameda St.El Pueblo CA90012Union Station
100 S. Main St.Civic Center CA90012Caltrans Building
100 S. BroadwayCivic Center CA90012Bank Of America
445 S. Hill St.Jewelry CA90013Title Guarantee Building
411 W. Fifth St.Financial CA90013Parking Lot Exit
450 S. Olive St.Bunker Hill CA90013By Bus Stop
500 W. Fifth St.Financial CA90013Millenium Biltmore Hotel
433 S. Olive St.Bunker Hill CA90013AT&T
550 S. Hill St.Jewelry CA90013International Jewelry Plaza
333 S. Spring St.Historic Core CA90013Broadway Spring Center
408 S. Spring St.Historic Core CA90013Old Bank District
433 S. Spring St.Historic Core CA90013Los Angeles Historical Landmark
528 S. Spring St.Historic Core CA90013Downtown Center BID
531 W. Sixth St.Jewelry CA90014Sandwich Shop
501 W. Sixth St.Jewelry CA90014Pacific Center
440 W. Sixth St.Jewelry CA90014City National Bank
601 S. Hill St.Jewelry CA90014Bus Stop
607 S. Olive StJewelry CA90014Hair Skin
629 S. Hill St.Jewelry CA90014LA Jewelry Center
500 W. Seventh St.Jewelry CA900147 Eleven
433 W. Seventh St.Jewelry CA90014LA Athletic Club
436 W. Seventh St.Jewelry CA90014LA Jewelry Mart
652 S. Olive St.Jewelry CA90014Royal-Cigarrettes
501 W. Seventh St.Jewelry CA90014Gianinni Place
754 S. Olive St.Jewelry CA90014RamonaÕs Fashions
400 W. Seventh St.Jewelry CA90014Concorde Jewelry
801 Hill St. Hill St.Jewelry CA90014Vacant Building
855 S. Hill St.Jewelry CA90014Chase Bank
955 S. Los Angeles St.Jewelry CA90014Cal Mart
860 S. Los Angeles St.Jewelry CA90014Cooper Building
900 S. Main St.Jewelry CA90014United Central Bank
530 W. Eighth StJewelry CA90014Parking lot
101 E. Olympic Blvd.Fashion CA90015Cal Mart - Entrance
315 W. Ninth St.Fashion CA90015Chase Bank
1111 S. Figueroa St.South Park CA90015Staples Center
1150 S. Hill St.South Park CA90015AT&T Tower / Public Works
1401 S. Grand Ave.South Park CA90015California Hospital Medical Center
1301 S. Figueroa St.South Park CA90015Convention Center - South Hall
645 W. 9th StreetSouth Park CA90015RalphÕs Market
1201 S. Figueroa St.South Park CA90015Convention Center
1295 S. Figueroa St.South Park CA90015Convention Center
1000 S. Figueroa StSouth Park CA90015Holiday Inn
698 W. 11th StreetSouth Park CA90015Parking lot
950 S. Figueroa St.South Park CA90015717 Lofts
1100 S Hope SreetSouth Park CA90015Luma South
1155 S Grand AvenueSouth Park CA90015EVO
400 W 11th StreetSouth Park CA90015Starbucks Coffee
824 Wilshire Blvd.Financial CA90017INS
626 Wilshire Blvd.Financial CA90017Wescom Credit Union
888 W. Sixth St.Financial CA90017Brooks Brothers
835 Wilshire Blvd.Financial CA90017Kinkos
630 W. Sixth St.Financial CA90017Library Court / Wolfgang Puck
554 S. Grand Ave.Financial CA90017Fed Ex
530 W. Seventh St.Financial CA90017Louie
655 S. Flower St.Financial CA90017PCS Select
801 W. Seventh St.Financial CA90017The Coffee Bean
700 S. Figueroa St.Financial CA90017Bus Stop
730 W. Seventh StFinancial CA90017MacyÕs Plaza- Express
700 W. Seventh St.Financial CA90017MacyÕs Plaza- Postal Office
717 S. Grand Ave.Financial CA90017Parking Structure
580 W. Eighth St.Financial CA90017Parking Lot
800 S. Figueroa St.Financial CA90017Roys Hawaiian Fusion
798 S. Figueroa St.Financial CA90017Parking Lot
838 S. Grand Ave.Financial CA90017Stillwell Hotel
1010 Wilshire Blvd.Financial CA90017TenTen Wilshire
1055 Wilshire Blvd.City West CA90017Bus Stop
1127 Wilshire Blvd.City West CA90017Samaritan Medical Tower
601 S. LucasCity West CA90017Wells Fargo Bank
769 Wilshire Blvd.Financial CA90017Pegasus
655 S. Hope St.Financial CA90017Qdoba Mexican Grill
600 W. Sixth St.Financial CA90017CarlÕs Jr.
611 S. Hope St.Financial CA90017Famima
615 S. Flower St.Financial CA90017MariaÕs Italian Kitchen
770 Wilshire Blvd.Financial CA90017L.A. Community College Dist.
915 Wilshire Blvd.Financial CA90017Bank of the West
699 S. Figueroa St.Financial CA90017Visitors Center
660 S. Flower St.Financial CA90017Roosevelt Building
700 S. Hope St.Financial CA90017Rite Aid - Store
650 S. Hope St.Financial CA90017Universal Protection Service
655 S. Figueroa St.Financial CA90017Korean Airline
701 W. Seventh St.Financial CA90017Metro Rail Exit
601 S. Flower St.Financial CA90017Pacific Resource Credit Union
461 S. BeaudryCity West CA90017L.A. Studios
1055 W. Seventh St.City West CA900171055 W. Seventh St. Bldg.
754 S. Hope St.Financial CA90017Public Parking
800 S. Hope St.Financial CA90017Lot
800 S. Flower St.Financial CA90017IHOP Restaurant
800 W. Eighth St.Financial CA90017SanSai Japanese
616 S. Witmer St.City West CA90017Good Samaritan Hospital - Main Entrance
888 S Figueroa St.Financial CA90017DennyÕs Restaurant
800 S. James Woods Blvd.Financial CA90017Pantry Restaurant Parking lot.
625 S. Grand Ave.Financial CA90017L.A. Printing Copy
600 W. Seventh St.Financial CA90017CeFiore Yogurt
800 W. Sixth St.Financial CA90017Cathay Bank
888 W. Seventh St.Financial CA90017Bank of America
800 W. Seventh St.Financial CA90017Wokcano
604 S. Figueroa St.Financial CA90017Brooks Brothers
885 S. Hope St.South Park CA90017Coffee Bean
898 S. Flower St.South Park CA90017RobekÕs
3005 W. Sixth St.Wilshire Center CA90020CarlÕs Jr.
1264 W. First St.City West CA90026LA Downtown News
138 N. Beaudry Ave.City West CA90026Canvas LA Residential
1302 W. Second StreetCity West CA90026Belmont Station Apts.
4690 W. Prospect Ave.Los Feliz CA90027Hollywood Car Wash
1825 N. Vermont Ave.Los Feliz CA90027Post Office
4650 W. Franklin Ave.Los Feliz CA900277ÐEleven
1900 N. Hillhurst Ave.Los Feliz CA90027Daily Donuts
4400 W. Melbourne Ave.Los Feliz CA90027Plaza
2035 N. Hillhurst Ave.Los Feliz CA90027AlbertsonÕs Market
2698 Hyperion Ave.Silver Lake CA90027Hyperion Plaza
2738 Hyperion Ave.Silver Lake CA90027Trader JoeÕs
2074 N. Hillhurst Ave.Los Feliz CA90027Bulk Bin
2450 Glendale Blvd.Silver Lake CA90039Starbucks CafŽ
2706 Wilshire Blvd.Wilshire Center CA90057Liberty Training Institute
2600 Wilshire Blvd.Wilshire Center CA90057Housing Authority of LA
2500 Wilshire Blvd.Wilshire Center CA90057West Lake Pharmacy
2131 W. Third St.City West CA90057St. Vincent Hospital
355 S. Grand Ave.Bunker Hill CA90071Wells Fargo Center - The Court
600 W. Fifth St.Financial CA90071Public Central Library
640 W. Fifth St.Financial CA90071L.A. Public Library CafeÕ Pinot
500 S. Flower St.Financial CA90071L.A. Public Library
480 S. Flower St.Bunker Hill CA90071444 Building
724 W. Sixth St.Financial CA90071Daily Grill Restaurant
400 S. Hope St.Bunker Hill CA90071Mellon Bank Center
333 S. Hope St.Bunker Hill CA90071Bank of America Plaza
399 S. HopeBunker Hill CA90071YMCA
345 S. Figueroa St.Bunker Hill CA90071Los Angeles Marriott
400 S. Flower St.Bunker Hill CA90071444 S. Flower Parking Entrance
254 S. Hope St.Bunker Hill CA90071The Bread Winner
350 S. Grand Ave.Bunker Hill CA90071Two Cal Plaza
311 S. Flower St.Bunker Hill CA90071World Trade Center
225 N. Hill St.Civic Center CA90071Kenneth Hahn Hall Exit
550 S. Flower St.Financial CA90071Standard Hotel
251 S. Beaudry Ave.City West CA90071Pacific Exchange
835 W. Third St.Bunker Hill CA90071Bunker Hill
445 S. Figueroa St.Bunker Hill CA90071Union Bank Center Parking lot
545 S. Figueroa St.Financial CA90071The Jonathan Club Building
333 S. Grand Ave.Bunker Hill CA90071Wells Fargo Bank
300 S. Grand Ave.Bunker Hill CA90071California Plaza
700 W. Jefferson Blvd.USC CA90089USC Campus Exit
701 W. Exposition Blvd.USC CA90089USC / Hoffman Hall

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