The Loft Expert! Group Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary in Downtown

DTLA - Fifteen years ago when few people would risk coming Downtown, Bill Cooper set up shop with his real estate company and dove head first into L.A.’s not-quite-a-Downtown center. For the first few years there wasn’t much to sell, but Bill recognized the potential for growth, especially in the residential sector, and set out to assist new Downtowners in finding a place to call home. 

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Downtown Los Angeles is a unique market because of its revitalization over the past 15 years. Today, the company watches as crane after crane aggressively changes the skyline with countless developments, both public and private. With all of these new improvements and future plans, experiencing the Downtown lifestyle is an invigorating prospect.

Massive residential projects are in the works. State-of-the-art homes are coming online with added entertainment hubs and shopping malls. Food lovers are already amazed at the many fantastic and delicious restaurants Downtown has to offer. New schools and parks have hit the scene with more to come. 

Downtowners are also enjoying more choices when it comes to transportation, as it moves away from one car for each resident. Access to public transportation, including new Metro Rail and rapid transit stations, is being created. Visitors and residents can now travel to the beach from Downtown L.A., a reality that was only a wish and a dream 15 years ago. 

Through all of these many changes, Bill Cooper’s The Loft Expert! Group has been at the forefront of helping Downtowners buy, sell and lease their homes. This past year Bill had the privilege of selling Johnny Depp’s largest penthouse at the Eastern Columbia Lofts, awarding him the honor of representing the highest price ever paid for a home and the largest home ever sold in Downtown’s Historic Core.

“I am thrilled at the changes that have been made Downtown and I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years bring,” Cooper said. “Every day we take another step toward becoming one of the nation’s most desirable and celebrated downtown centers, and I am happy to be a part of that!”

Whether you are looking to purchase, sell or lease, Bill Cooper and The Loft Expert! Group are standing by to help make your dreams come true.

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