The RandelleGreen Group Offers Unmatched Experience and Knowledge Of the Downtown Residential Market

DTLA - Randelle Green, broker/CEO of The RandelleGreen Group (Downtown Lofts & Condos), continues to raise the bar in the DTLA real estate market. His commitment to customer service, knowledge of the area, and seasoned negotiation skills have clearly set him apart from his peers.  

It was 2005 when Green began working in the Downtown market, and his experience since has been well documented. He began his career by leading the sales team for the developers of the Pan-American Lofts. He quickly moved into the pre-construction sales of South Park’s mega complex Evo, Luma, Elleven, where he led the sales and leasing efforts. By 2009, Green spearheaded sales and leasing for the developer of the Financial District’s historic Roosevelt Lofts. 

“With so many big name brokerages moving into Downtown recently and attempting to capitalize on the booming Downtown renaissance, there are only a handful of us early agents that have loyally been here from the beginning,” Green says. “The knowledge and experience we have gained is unmatched.”

After years of working with some of the biggest developers in the country, Green was more than ready to take that knowledge and incorporate it into a solo venture. In 2012 he broke out on his own and has since been credited with moving more than 250 clients into the Downtown L.A. area. 

“Randelle simply does what he says he’ll do and that’s refreshing,” says one of his clients. “His knowledge of the Downtown real estate market is very impressive. 

“Walking the various Downtown districts with Randelle is amazing,” notes another client. “He seems to know something about every street corner and building in the area and so many people seem to know him by name.” 

Thanks to Green’s Midwestern work ethic, The RandelleGreen Group has built its reputation on hard work, honesty, transparency and communication. “Little things, like answering my phone, are a big deal to me,” Green states. “I am just old fashioned enough to think it is important for potential clients to be able to reach a live person on the first try without getting some cold answering machine stating we are out with clients and will get back to you at our earliest convenience!”

Green points out that first impressions matter, and he is in this business for the long haul. He observes that many brokers and agents tend to see clients as a “transaction,” in and out with a commission in their pocket. By contrast, Green is focused on building relationships that last. 

“I want to be your broker for years to come,” Green says. “My grandfather said something to me when I was a teenager and I have never forgot it. He said, ‘To get things that other people don’t have, you have to do things that other people don’t do.’ My experience and reputation have always brought me clients, but it’s my work ethic, accessibility and communication that bring them back.”

And as Green’s motto reaffirms, “He puts his name on it.”

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